Managing and President Director, Professor Paul Harkin commented on the accomplishment ‘This accreditation allows us to further support our customers by running scientific diagnostic assessments for trial enrichment. That is of increasing importance to your clients and constitutes an important part of our biomarker services’.. Almac’s Diagnostics business device receives CAP lab accreditation Almac’s Diagnostics business device provides been awarded accreditation for its Craigavon, UK services by the Accreditation Committee of the faculty of American Pathologists , predicated on the full total results of a recently available onsite inspection.This function is usually essential in autism because earlier research has shown that people with autism have a shortage of these nicotinic receptors within their brains. Meanwhile, scientists also understand that people who are dependent on nicotine have too many of these receptors in their brains. ‘If we had been to use drugs that mimic the actions of nicotine at an early time in human brain development, would we begin to greatly help those and other circuits develop and therefore significantly mitigate the deficits in autism properly? This is an innovative way of thinking about how we might be able to use drugs to approach autism treatment,’ said Rene Anand, associate professor of pharmacology in Ohio State University’s College of Medicine and principal investigator of the research.