The algorithms we’ve built catch the way physicians speak and practice medicine and how hospital suggestions are found for maximum reimbursement. The difference now could be that fresh dictionaries are being applied to the ICD10 corpus. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel when we developed EMscribe 10. It’s already a proven and extremely effective alternative. AMI’s EMscribe 10 is normally in a similar market position as to when we first presented EMscribe Dx in 2005, stated Stuart Covit, chief operating officer for AMI.Several approaches can be used using the FLEXYTETM system including fragment based displays and kinetic profiling. ‘Having the ability to incorporate FLT inside our service offering allows BioFocus to supply clients an approach to screening and profiling that will unlock significant potential of their drug discovery efforts,’ commented Dr Kate Hilyard, VP Biological Sciences, BioFocus. ‘We are delighted that BioFocus offers chosen to include our FLEXYTETM platform with their service offering. We believe that this will allow a broad selection of drug discovery groups usage of the energy of FLT,’ stated Dr Stephen Barr, Controlling and President Director of Almac Sciences.

Affymetrix, BioDiscovery release new analysis software for cancer research Affymetrix and BioDiscovery, Inc.