Among various other contributions, Dr. Damian Augustyn was a member of CPMC's medical executive committee and table of directors, and also served the AGA Institute as treasurer. His beloved wife, Dr. Caroline Augustyn, passed on in-may 2012 after a long struggle with breast cancer. She was a CPMC doctor dedicated to offering the most attentive care to her sufferers. This award offers been made in their storage. The AGA Institute Research Awards Panel selected Dr. Rhim simply because the recipient based on the novelty, significance and feasibility of his study goals. With this prize, Dr. Rhim will get a $40,000 grant to continue his analysis in the upcoming yr. He intends to dedicate 85 % of this funding to research activities, with the other 15 % supporting clinical teaching and activities.Finally, the primary end point of today’s study included not only death and myocardial infarction yet also urgent revascularization, an element that was not contained in the primary end point of previous trials. Among patients who underwent urgent revascularization, the clinical display met the criteria of an acute coronary syndrome as assessed by an unbiased clinical events committee whose members were unacquainted with the treatment assignments.