Utilizing a high-speed eye-tracker, fixational eye movements of both optical eyes were recorded. A computerized evaluation of eye-movement waveforms was developed to quantify the parameters of FSs, and a simulation model was utilized to explore the neural system of changes in fixational saccadic overall performance of amblyopic eye. Amblyopic eyes showed fewer FSs than control eye, but they had increased velocity and amplitudes. Periods between movements were significantly longer in amblyopic eyes.There are several ways of reducing skin tone and complexion. How skin colour is determined? Skin colour depends upon the melanin pigment that is produced by melanocytes. Higher the focus of melanin pigment, darker may be the skin colour. Amount of melanin in the skin depends on your genes, but there are methods to increase and reduce the pigment. Sun, tanning beds and tanning lotions increase the production of melanin, making your skin darker. Similarly, there are therapies and lotions that can reduce the quantity of melanin, making your skin lighter. Kinds of pores and skin lightening treatments There are various methods used for reducing your skin tone. Let’s take a look at few popular ones: * Bleaching: It is a traditional method of skin lightening where chemicals are used for improving the skin tone.