Trans-fatty acids are manufactured through an activity called hydrogenation. These fats can be found in stick margarine and in junk food, baked goods and white breads. Protein: Protein is another component that is vital that you take account of in the diabetic diet plan. Protein foods do not raise your blood sugar, so you can add more fish, eggs, meat, etc with your meals. Proteins is limited to 15-20 percent of the full total calorie necessity of the body. Whenever you eat a snack or food, it should always include a small amount of protein that has its natural fat. The protein food using its own natural fats will hold onto the meals longer which means that your blood sugar doesn’t spike and drop immediately. A diabetic diet could be customized to suit each patient’s preferences, and a nutritionist might help with this.Thrombin-Generation Assay A thrombin-era assay was performed to judge the effect of the mutation on thrombin era in plasma . The ideals for wild-type reconstituted plasma were comparable to those for regular plasma, but the mutant plasma demonstrated a decreased maximum concentration of thrombin , an extension of the total duration of thrombin-generation activity , and elevated thrombin activity, that was assessed as the certain area under the curve for endogenous thrombin potential. The heterozygous-mutant plasma, mimicking the proband’s plasma, demonstrated intermediate values.