‘There is no scientific reason it can’t be applied to crop plants today to boost agricultural output and procedures.’.. A new way of modifying plant genes Researchers in the University of Minnesota and Massachusetts General Medical center have used a genome engineering device they developed to create a model crop plant herbicide-resistant without significant changes to it is DNA. ‘It’s still a GMO [Genetically Modified Organism] however the modification was subtle,’ said Daniel Voytas, lead author and director of the U of M Center for Genome Engineering. ‘We made a slight modification in the sequence of the plant’s personal DNA rather than adding international DNA.’ The brand new approach gets the potential to greatly help scientists modify plant life to create food, fuel and dietary fiber sustainably while minimizing concerns about genetically modified organisms For the study, the researchers created a customized enzyme known as a zinc finger nuclease to change solitary genes in tobacco plant cells.After a CT scan showed the wire, doctors were able to remove it from her belly through laparoscopic medical procedures. Dr. Aziz Benbrahim, her general surgeon at MidState INFIRMARY, told CBS Information she was lucky because she came in right away. A previous individual of his who experienced a grill brush cable stuck in his system waited for two weeks. It experienced punctured his intestine. ‘I had to open him up completely, ‘ said Benbrahim. ‘Then we remove this wire and we discovered also why he previously chest pain – – because he also acquired pulmonary embolism, which really is a blood clot in his lungs.’ ‘He was just lucky he was still alive,’ he added. ‘All from this wire.’ Summer health insurance and safety: 5 mistakes you do not want to make One among the coarse cable bristles can puncture any part of the digestive system – – esophagus, intestines or stomach – – as it makes its way down the tract.