Cell phone addictions can make some people look like zombies out in public – – as users text and walk blindly, bumping into others. Cellular phone zombies are quick to disregard others in their waking life, instead clinging to addictive interactions through a handheld screen. At the dinner table, cell phone junkies typically bury their eye in the cellular phone screen, blowing off those around them. A new comprehensive infographic shows that one in three people make use of their smartphone while on a time. Additionally, 19 % tend to their mobile gadget while sitting through a church services. 73 % of Americans panic at the thought of losing their cell phoneCell phones occasionally interrupt the movement of conscious living. Therefore, the cell phone generation is losing their interest span.Amphetamines derivatives are known on the roads as ice, crystal, and ecstacy. These medicines are among the fastest developing illicit drug problems worldwide. Overuse or misuse of prescription medications containing amphetamines, such as Addereall are favored by college college students because they enhance wakefulness, heightened energy, and enhanced performance. Complications linked to the acute and chronic use of amphetamines include rapid heart rate, and high blood circulation pressure.