Synergy to bring advanced digital dry powder inhaler to advertise 3M and MicroDose Systems Inc., a privately kept drug delivery company based in Monmouth Junction, N.J., today that the two companies have entered into an exclusive co-development and joint advertising agreement announced. The collaboration will combine MicroDose’s industry leading dry powder inhaler technology with 3M’s global inhalation product development, formulation advancement , and manufacturing capabilities. Within the offer, 3M has invested $5 million for a minority equity placement in MicroDose.The kids were followed to the age of 7 years. Specifically, researchers looked at overall conditions and wellness such as for example asthma and body weight. They also viewed medications children were taking, any disabilities or medical problems, and social and financial circumstances. The researchers then adjusted their findings to take into consideration the mother’s social environment and weight, and if the child was breast-fed. Initially, Westrupp’s team found that children born by C-section were much more likely to have a condition at age 2 or 3 3, use prescribed medicines at age 6 or 7, and to weigh even more at age 8 or 9.