It is also the first prospective, randomized medical trial to show a long-term survival advantage with favorable neurologic advantage using CPR devices. .. ACD CPR performed with combination of ResQPump and ResQPOD could save lives of cardiac arrest sufferers A combined mix of two gadgets could save the lives of thousands of cardiac arrest patients each year if applied nationwide, suggests clinical trial results published in today’s online edition of The Lancet. Both devices are produced by Advanced Circulatory Systems, Inc. in Roseville, Minn. Dr. Tom P. Aufderheide, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee was initially author and a principal investigator at among the study sites.Patients who were assigned to get either cinacalcet or placebo had been all eligible to receive energetic therapy for mineral and bone disorders associated with chronic kidney disease, including phosphate binders and vitamin D sterols, along with frequent prescription of antihypertensive, antiplatelet, and lipid-lowering agents. All cardiovascular end factors were independently adjudicated, and few sufferers were lost to follow-up relatively.