Identify your unrealistic goals and let them move. 9. Decide to get help for that issue you can’t solve by yourself. 10. Say to yourself, I am getting the thought. . Await a thought. Repeat. 11. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, consult God or the Universe to put into your mind exactly what you need to listen to in this moment. The above is a sample of the larger list of 91 things you can do. I get into more detail about these and others on the show this week.A written report on the scholarly research, which appeared Nov. 15 in the journal Malignancy Research, also points to Ack1 as a potential target for developing novel medicines against prostate malignancy. The study’s senior writer, Dr. Shelton Earp, directs the UNC Lineberger In depth Cancer Center and is certainly Lineberger professor of malignancy research and a professor of pharmacology and medicine. Testing of Ack1 demonstrate a profound influence on tumor development in experimental systems, Earp stated.