Most women do not know what occurred or that these were even pregnant, so that it can remain included for a relatively good right time. An article in the Journal of the Royal Culture of Medicine explained that the 1st known case of a lithopedion was within 1582 in a 68-year-old female from Sens, France. The fetus was approximated to be about 28 years old. The Colombian woman was reportedly used in a different medical center to really have the fetus surgically removed.. 40-year-previous calcified fetus within Colombian woman An 82-year-old woman complaining of stomach pain was revealed to have a 40-year-aged fetus inside her body. Multiple news companies reported that when the Colombian woman when to a doctor in Bogota, a lithopedion was discovered by them, or a calcified fetus, inside her stomach.It’s easy to see the appeal of having your projects performed in Mexico and China. Production wages in Mexico are as low as $1.50 one hour with the common wage at $2.30 compared to the average manufacturing wage in the U.S. Of $14.70. And Mexican workers do not have the benefits awarded to their northern counterparts. Although the guarantee of NAFTA was that the wages of Mexicans would rise to meet those of the U.S. And Canadian employees, the reality is that wages in the U.S., Mexico and Canada are being pushed down. Mexican wages are staying low, being in part depressed by the reduced wages in China where manufacturers can go if indeed they do not like the wages in Mexico. Mexican auto unions are now instituting a two-tier employing scheme and income cuts that bring their already low wages down to near Chinese levels.