The sperm samples had been then transferred immediately to a cryogenic freezer that worked well however, many samples suffered ‘adverse effect.’ Doctors called 200 sufferers to inform them of the gear failing and help them ‘plan their next measures’ according to a medical center statement provided to CBS Chicago. Roemer says the foundation regrets the malfunction and is usually concentrating on the patients’ needs.. 40 men sue Chicago hospital because frozen sperm destroyed CHICAGO Northwestern Memorial Medical center in Chicago was sued Tuesday for undisclosed sums by 40 males because their frozen sperm samples were destroyed when a lab’s storage system failed.Another is that it creates life less difficult for editors: finding appropriate peer reviewers who are willing to review regularly can be both tough and time consuming. A third reason may be that journals and publishers are multinational increasingly. In the past, the editor and editorial plank of a journal understood both the scientific field it protected and the people working in it, but it’s extremely difficult to end up being sufficiently well linked when both editors and submissions come from across the world. Having authors suggest the very best reviewers may seem like a good idea therefore. In the aftermath of the recent scandals involving fake peer reviewers, many journals are determined to turn off the reviewer-recommendation option on the manuscript-submission systems.