The third analysis found a link between spirituality/religion and social well-being. When we took a better look, we found that patients with stronger spiritual well-being, more benign images of God , or stronger beliefs reported better social health, third review business lead author Allen Sherman, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, said in the news release. Sherman added that people who all struggled with their faith seemed to fare more poorly. Some patients have a problem with the spiritual or spiritual need for their cancers, which is normal. How they resolve their struggle may impact their wellness, but more study is required to better understand and support these individuals, Jim noted..Fast-forward for this time. Per [We]nstead of completely melting away, the polar icecap reaches now at its highest level because of this right season since 2006. Satellite television photos of the Arctic taken by NASA in August 2012 and August 2013 show a 60 % increase in the polar ice sheet, over fifty % how big is Europe, despite reasonable predictions by climate scientists six years ago that the North Pole would be completely melted right now. Climate-transformation Gore: The $200 million man Unlike the dire predictions of phony peace prize recipient Gore and his cadre of expert researchers, instead of polar ice caps shrinking and drowning the global globe in a ocean of water, the caps – as verified with official NASA photography – are growing in size.