It will deny individual claims the proper to pass laws needing GMO labeling and will make any previously passed state laws null and void. And the ultimate joke is the full title of the bill: H.R. 4432 – Safe and Accurate Meals Labeling Act of 2014. Of course, the bill is written in such a real way that its application is unclear. Yes, it would seem sensible to have a federal regulation concerning the labeling of GMO foods. Yes, it would be a burden on the producers if each continuing state required a different label. But the truth is, this bill’s greatest purpose has nothing to do with food basic safety; it has everything related to the companies who have spent an estimated 100 million to obtain it passed – those that advantage from keeping the word GMO off their labels.There may be no assurance that the Panel will grant the business’s request for continued listing on The NASDAQ Stock Market. In the event that the Panel determines to delist the Company’s securities from NASDAQ, the business’s common stock may be qualified to receive trading on the OTC Bulletin Table, which is operated by FINRA, or the OTCQB, which is managed by OTC Markets. As announced previously, the Company is seeking debt or equity financing to fund its operations actively.