PRESS RELEASE Statement attributable to:Andrew W. Gurman, M .D., President-elect, American Medical Association As part of the AMA’s long-standing dedication to improving the fitness of the nation, we continue steadily to focus our initiatives on identifying the best ways to prevent the chronic diseases which have the biggest effect on public health and put a fiscal strain on our health care program. We are very happy to be participating in the White House Conference on Maturing and applaud the Administration for taking a step in the right direction to bring even more attention to the importance of disease prevention, especially given that more adults than ever before are now coping with multiple chronic conditions.

Acute exacerbations are a severe complication of COPD where patients suffer a sudden worsening of their symptoms. In severe cases, individuals shall develop acute respiratory failure and require invasive mechanical ventilatory support. ‘These patients that continue to end up being mechanically ventilated often have an extremely poor prognosis with survival which range from 31 percent to 76 percent,’ stated Dr. Nausherwan Burki, Professor of Medication at the University of Connecticut Health Center and ALung’s Medical Director. ‘The power of the Hemolung RAS to help patients with severe severe exacerbation of COPD avoid intubation and invasive mechanical ventilation fills an important, unmet clinical need.’ ‘We are very happy to have completed our pilot research of the Hemolung RAS and to end up being progressing towards obtainment of the CE tag,’ stated Peter DeComo, ALung’s Chairman and CEO.