Eating superfoods like spirulina and berries like schisandra and goji will serve one better over the long run. Likewise, the need for vaccinations needs to be questioned. The idea of forced vaccinations must be destroyed altogether. Not just is this idea tyrannical but it can be an ignorant philosophy considering what toxic substances are contained in them, like mercury and thimerosal. Giving people a choice and educating them about alternative prevention will be the key in moving forward. Drinking green tea extract or consuming the immune-system boosting siberian ginseng root are better lengthy term choices.Jet-setting around the world. At home. Seasonings and spices not merely jazz up a dish, but they also offer a range of health benefits.] Snack happy. Look for supermarkets to capitalize on the healthier snacking trend in 2014 by replacing traditional higher-sugar, higher-fat snacks at the checkout with better-for-you on-the-move offerings, says Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert. This goal will also jive with the FDA’s new trans-body fat ban. Waste not, want not really. GH highlights the need for trying to help make the most of leftovers rather than over-buying.