AHF is the largest nonprofit provider of HIV/Helps medical care in the United States, operating pharmacies and healthcare centers throughout the country. According to Senior Director Jonathan Petrus, who managed the deal for AHF, ‘The acquisition of MOMS Pharmacy bolsters our growth in the HIV/AIDS specialty pharmacy space while allowing us to expand our core mission of providing medical solutions to patients of their capability to pay to new geographic areas regardless.’.. AIDS Healthcare Basis acquires MOMS Pharmacy On August 20, 2012, AIDS Healthcare Basis announced that it obtained MOMS Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy focused specifically on providing medications and support providers to people coping with HIV/AIDS.Ninety % of seniors state they haven’t had a major accident or perhaps a moving violation previously 2 yrs. And they’ve heeded the warnings never to talk on the cellphones while generating. Thirty-four % of those 75 and older say they’ve carried out it. That’s compared with 82 % of motorists age 25-39. Old drivers have a tendency to wear their chair belts more regularly. They tend to drink and get less, and they also tend to end up being general safer motorists, stated Jurek Grabowski, AAA’s research director. If they do possess a perceived inability to operate a vehicle, they tend to self-regulate. Which might explain why 76 % of these favor wellness screenings for older motorists, and 74 % believe older drivers must have to renew their license in person.