You can obtain the best treatment for piles with a little lifestyle transformation so as to prevent this unpleasant and disturbing ailment totally.. 8 Most Effective Ways For Piles Treatment Everyone Must Know Piles or hemorrhoids are very prevalent these days with increased disturbance in way of living and higher consumption of synthetic foods. While many folks have started believing that piles certainly are a way of life, for many the life span seems quite disturbing as a whole. Aggravated conditions of piles such as Thrombosis leave very limited choices for a person, other than going for a medical procedure or any such instantaneous methods.More research is needed to determine there are no significant side affects in humans and if the technique will continue to work on a variety of cancers, but Belfield is definitely optimistic. Predicting commercialization is difficult at best, he stated. But we are well situated to forge ahead . Just how did Belfield come up with such an outside the box approach? His additional nonmedical related study was the motivation. Belfield is rolling out a three-dimensional, optical data-storage system, that involves the usage of acid generators. About six years ago he wondered if his approach could have applications in medical therapy. It required about five years to obtain someone in my analysis group interested to defend myself against the unorthodox project, Belfield said.