Select a backpack with many separate compartments, which can make it easier to successfully position the contents more. Place pointy or bulky items away from the region that rests on the child’s back. One way to limit a backpack’s weight is to ask your child’s teacher if it’s possible for the youngster to leave the heaviest books and electronic items such as laptops at school, and take home only lighter handout materials, Bautch said.. Don’t Let Backpacks Result in Back Injury: – SATURDAY, Aug. 15, 2015 – – Backpacks are convenient for students, but they can pose a threat to kids’ backs, necks and shoulders if used improperly, an expert says.The proposed new policy encourages veterinary pharmacology education through professional pharmacy curricula and continuing education, and reminds pharmacists to verify orders with prescribing veterinarians if there are questions. The plan also reminds veterinarians to help make the prescriptions clear, and consistent with all continuing state rules to avoid medication errors. More information upon this policy and others authorized at the AVMA Panel of Director’s springtime meeting is on the AVMA website.

Benefits of on-site analytical laboratories outlined in new light paper from PCI PCI, a worldwide supplier of pharmaceutical business product packaging solutions and clinical trials solutions, announces the option of a white paper detailing advantages of having on-site analytical laboratories to be able to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.