A 70-year-old girl with dementia no insight: the very best approach Most individuals with early signs of dementia have some impairment within their insight approximately the changes within their cognition and behaviour. This content discusses the best method of managing and assessing a patient with dementia no insight. Case scenario Dorothy, a 70-year-previous retired physician, presented to her GP with a superficial lower leg injury.today announced it provides received clarification from the guts for Medicare and Medicaid Services that its long-standing delivery program for liquid oxygen and cylinders complies with the new Medicare Accreditation rules and the accreditation requirements of the new competitive bidding system for durable medical tools providers. Airgas products medical oxygen, cylinders and related items to Medicare beneficiaries over the U.S. On behalf of Medicare-accredited home care companies. It assures local house care and DME companies that they are complying with the law when working with our long-standing plan of home-delivery of oxygen to Medicare individuals, whereby the neighborhood home care companies supply the patient education regarding the safe use of the oxygen.?..